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Christian Thisted

Entrepreneur | Fintech & IT | Business Development | Blockchain

about me

My name is Christian Thisted. I am a creative entrepreneur with great ambitions. I do what I love and I am highly motivated for it!

I am Co-Founder and head of product at IOU.Exchange. We are building a new and amazing financial service for companies called CreditStretcher. I love building awesome products.

I have worked on many entrepreneurial projects till now and most of them are closed again. Thankfully I have gained a lot of experience from them.

I am Creative Director of Contrarian Magazine (readcontrarian.com) as well. The magazine is founded together with Klaes Vangsgaard - a friend who shares my passion for aesthetics, creative work and the people creating it.

what i do

connect the dots

Big picture thinking and making all ends meet. I do things that has a bigger purpose, helps people and are made to last.

business development

How do I take something good and make it great? I am educated Business Development Engineer, which involves market research, concept- and product development, strategic- and innovation management.


Creativity in regards of designing and visualising ideas and products have always been second nature to me. Even though much of my work is creative, I love to create art and I am Creative Director of Contrarian Magazine.


A product is not all design though. There is most often a big machine, hidden from the user, running it. This is not something to neglect. Though I understand backend programming, I prefer to do frontend programming myself.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk - no matter if it be about business or just a chat about life's big questions!

  • Copenhagen
  • Email: ct@creditstretcher.com